We have launched our new schools program that is targeted towards both Primary and Secondary Schools across Australia.

Developed in partnership with mental health and youth services experts we have created a two visit interactive workshop series that covers the following:


– Resilience & Active Lifestyle
– Social Media & Cyber Bullying

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– Mental Health & Resilience
– Social Media & Cyber Bullying

The program provides participants with strategies on how
to combat social and mental health issues in
a productive way and, most importantly, it educates young people on the resources and organisations available for them to access in order to prevent or provide assistance should they feel they require help or would like to help a family member or friend.

As part of our welfare and education program we also have a Facilitator Program that ensures that we can deliver our sessions at any club anywhere across Australia. All of our facilitators are placed through our 12-month training program, which is delivered by our partners at the Australian Counseling Association, which includes education and training in the following areas:

– Mental Health
– Suicide Safe Talk
– Drugs & Alcohol

Students gain access to our welfare team via our safe, secure and private platforms such as our free app and can seek support from a professional. We have a dedicated team who support all of our enquiries and help them create a plan moving forward.

Our welfare process is supported by health professionals such as psychologist and councilors alongside other organisations like:

– Lifeline
– Australian Counseling Association
– Youth Focus