SEDA Group RTO 22503 has officially partnered with Outside the Locker Room (OTLR), the exciting partnership means SEDA Group students studying their SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development will be mentored over the next 12 months on topics such as Mental Health, Drugs, Cyber Bullying and Social Media.

SEDA Group seeks to provide a supportive learning environment that is responsive to individual student needs. Students’ wellbeing and mental health are paramount alongside the education delivered to them. The partnership with OSLR provides a well-rounded approach to what SEDA Group already provides internally. It will give students access to e-learning platforms, health professionals and strategies to cope with issues in their lives.

SEDA Group General Manager of Training Operations, Craig Sharp stated:

“We are excited to have OTLR on board as a partner for our Diploma programs. SEDA Group’s partnership with OTLR demonstrates our commitment to mental health education and supporting students with the many challenges they face as they transition to work or further education. Students will have a range of opportunities to engage with OTLR, either through face-to-face sessions, or the OTLR welfare platform, however importantly, they will have the opportunity to undertake placements and fundraising activities in conjunction with OTLR, which is great for their overall development.”

The program provides students with strategies on how to combat social and mental health issues in a productive way and most importantly, it will educate them on the resources available for them to access in order to prevent or provide assistance should they feel they require help or would to help a family member or friend.

“We are excited to partner with SEDA Group and work alongside them to implement educational and mentoring programs for their student’s overall wellbeing. It is important to work with schools and educate school kids about the importance of mental health and the resources available to them whether it is for themselves, a friend or family member.” stated CEO and Founder of OTLR, Jake Edwards.

OTLR will facilitate 4 sessions over the next 12 months to all SEDA Group Diploma students, whilst the students will also have access to the OTLR app where they can seek support from a professional who can help create a plan for them moving forward.

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